UNA HAITI   [ Association pour les Nations Unies -  Haiti] ANU HAITI  


About UNA Haiti    

United Nations Association Haiti (UNA-Haiti) is created in year 2004 to represent Haiti’s national member-organization in a family of more than 100 United Nations Associations worldwide.  Those UNAs, which are non-governmental organizations, exist to build bridges between government and civil society.  Together, they share the dedication to building understanding of and support for the ideals and vital work of the United Nations system, promoting constructive country-level leadership in that system, and achievement of the goals of the UN Charter. In their complementary activities, the organizations embody the vision of a network that enables several thousands of people everywhere to connect on critical global issues affecting us all, from peace and human rights to the spread of democracy, equitable development, and justice. 

UNA Haiti, for its part, seeks to promote a society that is open to international cooperation and partnership.  This is not such an easy feat in a country where people are highly suspicious of the international community.  The legacy of the country’s history is one fraught with formal and informal occupation.  Most recently, in 1994, the US led a military intervention in the country to regain and maintain democratic order. That was immediately followed by United Nations peacekeeping force.  Despite the assistance, Haiti has been in a downward slide and the role of the United Nations in the management of the crisis is more prominent than ever.   

UNA-Haiti is re-organizing in the year 2022.  The revamped UNA strives to focus its new programming and activities around the vital concerns that Haiti might be on the brink of becoming a collapsed state.  

People at UNA Haiti

Harvey Dupiton, Founder, Interim President & Executive Head

Randolph Saint Leger, Advisor, Media Relations

Carmel Francois, Adviser, Legal

Emmanuel Francois, Adviser, Community Affairs

Frederic Bijou, Adviser, Multi-lateral 

Jean-Claude Bernagène II, Advisor, Communications 

International Advisors: I. William Zartman, Michael Collins, Patricia Hinds